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CDM® Maintenance Management

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CDM® Maintenance Management

Modern maintenance is becoming more important under the aspects of LCC (Life Cycle Costing), TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and TPM (Total Productive Maintenance). This is particularly true for linked production processes that require considerable investment and have high system intensity. CDM® (Complete Drive Management) Maintenance Management offers a complete package with individual service modules to ensure the availability of valuable machines and systems. Our service experts give you the best possible protection against costly failures and unscheduled downtime.

CDM®: The key to targeted maintenance

The basis of our CDM® Maintenance Management is taking inventory of available drive technology (in the system or warehouse) and entering the results in an online database. Centrally recording all data provides the best conditions for a targeted estimate and scheduling of periodically required maintenance. Required activities like maintenance and repair are displayed in the database.

This allows you to define and optimize a custom maintenance and reaction scenario. Of course, you can always transfer data directly to SEW-EURODRIVE through the CDM®Database. Our service specialists will then work to detect faults in advance and minimize them. Our CDM® Maintenance Management lets you focus your attention on utilizing your machine or system.

CDM® provides comprehensive services for ensuring machine availability:

  • Drive and frequency inverter monitoring with condition classification (also for products from other manufacturers)
  • Structuring and comparison of existing drive technology
  • Online drive and frequency inverter data
  • Drives and frequency inverter designating for clear and quick identification, also available through the 24h Service Hotline
  • Custom consulting on optimizing your maintenance concept for existing drive technology and topics such as saving energy, condition monitoring and storage optimization

The CDM® Database is not a free service. We would be happy to consult with you on ways to use it.

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Your benefits

  • Minimum time requirement

    thanks to the convenient CDM® Database for entering, updating, searching and evaluating data.
  • Optimized maintenance

    by using CDM® functionalities such as maintenance scheduling and showing history.
  • Reduced storage costs

    through an optimized inventory comparison, integrated inventory control and reliable spare part availability.
  • Complete transparency

    by recording all drives and frequency inverter data (by type, quantity, condition and availability).
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CDM® Maintenance Management

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